Anna Britta Abrahamsdotter Stoneberg
Born: 23 Jan 1843
Born Where: Slättåkra, Hallands län, Sweden
Died: 30 Apr 1928
Died Where: Hastings, North Dakota
Father: Abraham Jansson
Mother: Elna Svensdotter
Spouse: Bengt Nilsson (b:23 Apr 1823 - d:07 Sep 1871)
Marriage Date: ?
Married Where: Sweden
Children: Magnus Henning Bengtsson Stoneberg, Birger Bengtsson Nilsson
General info:
Anna Britta Abrahamsdotter Stoneberg was a quiet, serious, thoughtful, hard-working person (and tough, we might add). She was close to her older brother Ernest Stoneberg (aka Johan Aron Abrahamsson). She was also a sister of Solomon Stoneberg. She was married to Bengt Nilsson who died in Sweden in 1871. They had two sons named Henning and Birger. We think her brother Ernest was compelled to emigrate to the USA after Bengt died, in order to earn money for Anna and her young family. He and later, Henning, sent money to Anna in Sweden on a regular basis. Birger died young and unexpectedly, and this may have added some urgency for Anna to emigrate when she did.
It would have been easier to stay in Sweden, but Ernest and Henning must have persuaded her to come. Henning, being the youngest of the two, sailed back over to Sweden to accompany Anna to the US. Anna Britta emigrated 15 Jan 1904 and then traveled to the family homestead in North Dakota. On the North Dakota farm she probably tended the house for seven years before Henning married.
We're told that Anna Britta didn't like to wear shoes, even on the tough farmland. The elder Anna had to maintain a substantial garden and chicken coop to feed as many as twenty farm hands. She passed on in 1928 and is buried next to her brother Ernest.
1880: Slättåkra, Hallands län, Sweden
1900: Slättåkra, Hallands län, Sweden
1910 Census: Spring Creek, Barnes, ND
1920 Census: Spring Creek, Barnes, ND
1928 Death Record: Hastings, Barnes, ND
image: Anna Britta Stoneberg's headstone in ND cemetery
Anna Britta Stoneberg's headstone in ND cemetery
(Picture courtesy of H. Schendel.)
image: Anna Britta Stoneberg
Anna Britta Stoneberg, younger
(Picture courtesy of J. Schendel.)
image: Anna Britta Stoneberg
Anna Britta Stoneberg, year unknown
(Picture courtesy of H. Schendel.)
Gravesite: Spring Creek Cemetery, Hastings, ND - grave: ; lot: ; section: