Carl Oscar Oberg
Born: 14 Sep 1856
Born Where: Hjorted Socken, Kalmar, Sweden
Died: 07 Apr 1900
Died Where: Jamestown, NY
Mother: Lovisa Nilsdotter Åberg
Spouse: Wilhelmina Fredrickson
Marriage Date: before 1888
Married Where: Sweden
Children: Edith M. Oberg, Signe M. Oberg, Judith A. Oberg
Children - Wilhelmina's 2nd marriage: Alice J. Anderson, Harold M. Anderson
General info:
Carl Oscar was born in Sweden, and immigrated in 1888. His wife Wilhelmina arrived separately in May 1889. He was an axe maker and worked at American Axe & Tool Co. (owned by Fred T. Powell) at 13-23 Taylor Street in Jamestown in 1895. We don't have an exact date that he married Wilhelmina, but their first child was born in 1889, so it was probably around 1887-1888 (guessing). Carl Oscar appears to have just used Oscar in the US (source - Jamestown City directories).
Oscar and Wilhelmina had three daughters. Edith M. was born in 16 May 1889 (d: 05 Feb 1980), Signe M. was born in 27 Apr 1893 (d: 18 Apr 1976), and Judith A. was born in 19 Dec 1896 (d: 12 Feb 1962). It looks like they moved around a bit in the first few years but the most prominent address was 262 Prospect Street where his wife and children remained after his death in 1900 until at least 1930.
We don't know much more about Oscar and we are still searching for more details. He had lived a fairly short life at 44 years. He was buried in an unmarked grave in the "mound" area in Lakeview Cemetery, but in 2007 his great granddaughter Rebecca had a fine granite marker placed at his grave site.
His wife Wilhelmina (also known as 'Minnie') remarried Charles Anderson a few years after Oscar's death. Minnie had two more children named Alice J. (1902) and Harold M.(1908). Her 2nd husband (Charles Anderson) must have also passed on before 1910 as she is listed as Minnie Anderson, widow, in the 1910 census. She had 5 children, ages ranging from 1 to 20 years old, all living at home with her in 1910.
Signe (aka 'Signa') married Arthur A. Nelson around 1917 and had two sons named Robert J. Nelson, Donald E. Nelson, and a daughter Lois Nelson. They were all living with Minnie at 262 Prospect in 1920 and 1930.
1890-1891 Jamestown City Directory: 310 Barrett, Jamestown, NY
1892-1893 Jamestown City Directory: 36 Jones, Jamestown, NY
1895-1896 Jamestown City Directory: 36 Jones, Jamestown, NY
1898-1899 Jamestown City Directory: 262 Prospect, Jamestown, NY
1900 Death Record: 262 Prospect, Jamestown, NY (Carl Oscar)
1900 Census: 262 Prospect, Jamestown, NY (Minnie & Children)
1910 Census: 262 Prospect, Jamestown, NY (Minnie & Children)
1920 Census: 262 Prospect, Jamestown, NY (Minnie & Children)
1930 Census: 262 Prospect, Jamestown, NY (Minnie & Children)
image: Carl Oscar Oberg
Carl Oscar Oberg
image: Carl Oscar Oberg  - Obituary
Carl Oscar Oberg - Obituary
image: Wilhelmina Fredrickson Oberg
Wilhelmina Fredrickson Oberg - later in life
Gravesite: Lakeview Cemetery, Jamestown, NY - Location:MDA Section 5N; row: 4; Grave: 1 (Dency Barnes on left, 4th row marker on right)