Herbert Carl Oberg
Born: 16 Mar 1874
Born Where: Hjorted Socken, Kalmar, Sweden
Died: 13 May 1959
Died Where: Detroit, MI
Spouse: Mary T. Barry
Marriage Date: 03 Jun 1903
Married Where: Cold Springs, NY
Children: unnamed infant (died in infancy), Helen Marie, Joseph Adrian
General info:
Herbert was born in Sweden and emigrated with his parents in 1880. He was a metal worker and apparently worked as a mechanic at the Fenton Metal Works in 1895-96. Herbert and Mary were married 03 Jun 1903 in Cold Springs, NY (on East bank of the Hudson River). They were living at 76 Chautauqua Ave. in Jamestown according to a 1909 Swedish Directory. They appear to have moved to Youngstown, Ohio between 1909 and 1910. By 1920 they had moved to Detroit where he lived until his death in 1959
He was apparently a good record keeper according to his grandson Lance Oberg. He left several documents which included budget logs from 1919, daily calorie intake records from 1928 (he sometimes exceeded his 1200 calorie daily max.), job/employee logs from two work places: Swedish Crucible Steel and Stannus Propeller, and address books.
He had lived a fairly long life at 85. His body was brought back to Jamestown, NY to be buried in the family plot in Lakeview Cemetery.
1880 Census: Colfax Street, Jamestown, NY
1888-89 Jamestown City Directory: 32 Jones St., Jamestown, NY
1892-93 Jamestown City Directory: 32 Jones St., Jamestown, NY
1895-96 Jamestown City Directory: 32 Jones St., Jamestown, NY
1900 Census: Jamestown, NY?
1903 Marriage: Cold Springs, NY
1909 Jamestown Svenska Directory: 76 Chautauqua Ave., Jamestown, NY
1910 Census: 1345 Oak Street, Youngstown, OH
1920 Census: 208 Fisher Avenue, Detroit, MI
1930 Letter: 437 Navahoe Street, Detroit, MI
1959 Death Record: Detroit, MI
image: Herbert Carl Oberg and Mary Barry Oberg
Herbert Carl Oberg and Mary Barry Oberg
(Picture courtesy of Lance Oberg)
Gravesite: Lakeview Cemetery, Jamestown, NY - Location: Section 2; Lot: 114; Grave: WT 2SE