John & Helena Oberg Family Page
image: John Peter Oberg and Family
John Peter Oberg and Family (Picture courtesy of Lance Oberg)
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This Web site section contains information about the lives and adventures of John Peter & Helena Lovisa Oberg, their 7 children, 4 grand children and other descendants. John Peter was one of Nels Henrik's younger brothers.
The picture above shows John Peter and his seven children (plus Herbert Oberg's wife Mary). Thanks to a cousin descended from John Peter we have been able to match all of the children's names with their faces. They are in this order (from the left): David Oberg, Elizabeth Louise Oberg, John Martin Oberg (sitting on the ground), Mary Barry Oberg, John Peter Oberg (seated), Herbert Carl Oberg, Nellie Helena Oberg, Joel S. Oberg (Joel was injured in the Gokey Shoe Factory fire in Jamestown in 1910), and Hulda Oberg. Picture appears to have been taken between 1910-1912.