Julia Matilda Fredericka Stoneberg Oberg
Born: 30 Sep 1882
Born Where: N. Warren, PA
Died: 02 Dec 1962
Died Where: Lakewood, NY
Marriage Date: 02 Sep 1900
Married Where: North Warren, PA
Children: Henry Nelson, John Charles, Alice Charlotte, Edward, Robert Stephen, Philip Alfred, Wesley Paul
General info:
She was born and raised in N. Warren, PA. Julia had three sisters, Selma Stoneberg Retterer, Nellie Stoneberg Keirnan, and Levina Stoneberg Oberg. Julia and Levina married brothers, Peter Henry Oberg and Charles Elmer Oberg. Her father, Solomon Stoneberg was listed as a blacksmith in 1880. By the time Julia was 16, Solomon had left the family and moved to Portland, Oregon. Solomon was an active Knights Templar Mason.
Julia was a tall, good looking woman and a model stay-at-home mother. She took care of 7 children, did all the cooking, cleaning, ironing and made the children's clothing (which she washed by hand). Her children felt that they could always go to her with a problem and she would understand and offer good advice.
After she married Peter Henry Oberg in 1900 they setup housekeeping at 107 Palm Avenue in North Warren, PA. In 1910 her brother-in-law Charles and sister Levina Oberg are also listed as living at 107 Palm Avenue (upstairs or in the back).
By 1918 they had moved back to Jamestown in to a house at 361 Hallock Street. When Henry returned to Jamestown after a short term job in Renova, PA, they bought a plot of land (3 lots) on Hunt Road in the Town of Ellicott just outside the Jamestown City limits in May of 1924. The address was (is still) 41 Hunt Road. Here Henry built a house which they occupied for the next 26 years.
Julia was very active in the Presbyterian Church and was a very religious woman. After Henry's death in June 1950 the house on Hunt Road was sold to the Fishers in August of 1950. Julia moved to East 3rd Street in Lakewood in to a small house built by her son John Charles. In her final years she was living with her daughter Alice Oberg Romer.
1882 Birth: N. Warren, PA
1890 Census: not available
1900 Census: 126 (82) Colfax Street, Jamestown, NY
1910 Census: 107 Palm Avenue, N. Warren, PA
1920 Census: 361 Hallock Street, Jamestown, NY
1930 Census: 41 Hunt Road, Town of Ellicott, NY
1950 Family Records: 3rd Street, Lakewood, NY
1962 Death Record: 196 E. Fairmount Ave., Lakewood, NY
image: Julia as a young woman - 1910ish
Julia as a young woman - 1910ish
(Picture courtesy of Ward Romer)
image: Nellie Keirnan, Levina Oberg, Selma Retterer, Julia Oberg (sisters) 1940's
Nellie Keirnan, Levina Oberg, Selma Retterer, Julia Oberg (sisters) 1940's
(Picture courtesy of Margie Oberg Walton)
Gravesite: Sunset Hill Cemetery, Lakewood, NY - grave: 7; lot: 150; section: Hillside