Nain House in Getterum Sweden
Nain is the small cottage (torp in Swedish) that Nels Henrik and Selma Charlotta Åberg lived in from 1864 to early 1872. It was also noted as being on Getterum farm No. 4. (The farm's land may have been divided up at some point.) The house is named for a village in the Bible. Nain is a village in Galilee, southwest of Nazareth, where Jesus revived the widow's son (Luke 7:11-14). Althea Charlotta, Anna Lozica, John Ernest, Axel Stephanous were born and/or spent their early childhood there. We are very grateful to Åke and Ann-Katrin Andersson who traveled to Nain on 17 Dec 2006 to take these pictures for us.
The house consists of a kitchen, a room, and a chamber. The ceilings are only about 1.80 meters (70.2 inches) high. Outside in the woodshed is firewood for the wood burning stove. Though the iron stove in the kitchen is the only source of heat, the house is reported to be warm and cosy. The house does have electricity and telephone. But there is no running water supply in the house. Ernst gets his water daily from the neighbors in big cans.
Other owners of Nain included Nils Hansson Blomquist and family who lived at Nain for a few years between 1872-1874. Johan Wilhelm Landholm and Katarina Sofia Ringström, moved to Nain in 1874 with five children. The house was passed on to their son, Johan Peter Landholm, born in 1862 (he passed away just four days before his 100th birthday). Johan Peter Landholm sold the house to Ernst Johansson in 1948, and Ernst had occupied the house since 1958.
Ernst, who had turned 84 years old last May 2009, sadly passed on earlier this year. He had played the accordion since 1943. At one time he was in a small orchestra called "Säg det i toner" (Say it in tones) which was launched in the early 80's by Ernst Johansson, Eskil Fridell, Greta and Albert Billström, all from the Hjorted area. They had performances far outside the parish border. There were several tours in Kalmar and Jönköping counties. In his later years Ernst had been a regular entertainer at the Sundsgården (retirement home) in Hjorted. We will miss this fine caretaker of the Nils Henrik Åberg family hometead.
image: Nain - road view
Nels and Selma Åberg's home 1864-1872, called Nain. This is a new picture just sent to us by Åke.
Shows the view from the road. (Picture courtesy of Åke Andersson, 03 May 2009)
image: Nain - front view
Ernst Johansson, the present owner, standing in front of Nain.
(Picture courtesy of Åke and Ann-Katrin Andersson, 17 Dec 2006)
image: Nain - right side
Nain - right side view, with our new friends Åke Andersson and Ernst Johansson.
(Picture courtesy of Åke and Ann-Katrin Andersson, 17 Dec 2006)
image: Nain - left side view
Nain - left side view. (Picture courtesy of Åke and Ann-Katrin Andersson, 17 Dec 2006)
image: Nain - backyard view
Nain - backyard view from the kitchen window.
(Picture courtesy of Åke and Ann-Katrin Andersson, 17 Dec 2006)