Oberg Family Reunion 2007
We had a great time!
The Oberg Family Reunion was held on Saturday & Sunday, August 11-12, 2007. We got together at the Holiday Inn in Jamestown, New York. Overall we had about 35 family members attend. Included were:
  • A great grandchild and a great great grandchild of John Peter Oberg (Obergs from Milford and Plymouth, MI)
  • A grandchild and a great grandchild of Carl Oscar Oberg (Parkers and Rowehls from Long Island, NY)
  • A great granddaughter of Jennie Elizabeth Oberg Anderson (Smiths from St. Louis, MS)
  • A great grandson of Selma Amelia Oberg Helander (Millers from Orange, CA)
  • Grand children and a great grandchild of Charles Oberg (Waltons from Houston, TX; and Obergs from Cranberry Township, PA)
  • Great grand children and great great grand children of Althea Oberg Lawson (Crickards from Amhesrt, NY; and Petersons from Jamestown, NY;
  • Grand children and great grand children of Peter Henry Oberg (Yendalls from Tonawanda, NY; Figinis from Buffalo, NY; Stensons from Mazatlan, Mexico; Romers from Ithaca, NY; and Obergs from Snyder, NY; Jamestown, NY; and Bemus Point, NY)
Smorgasbord at the Jamestown Holiday Inn - Salon 1!
Everyone had a great time at the Saturday morning, afternoon, and evening events (see the Breakfast, Boat Ride & Dinner links above for pictures). We again witnessed a really strong family bond, even though some of us were meeting face to face for the first time. It was very interesting to get together with the larger Oberg/Åberg family group, now including all descendents of Sven Henric Åberg. It was great fun to visit with cousins from all over the US and to meet recently discovered cousins in person.
We appreciated the effort by many of the out-of-town family to attend. Lance & Donna Oberg and son Jay came in from Michigan. Lance is the great grandson of John Peter & Helena Oberg. Lois Parker & daughter Rebecca Rowehl came from Long Island. Lois is the granddaughter of Carl Oscar Oberg.
Rock & Linda Miller traveled from California. Rock is the great grandson of Selma Amelia Oberg. We also enjoyed getting together with cousin Joanne Halvorsen Smith and her husband Ken Smith, who some of us knew from other activities (summer camp, college) in our younger years, but we didn't know we were related until recently. Joanne is the great granddaughter of Jennie Elizabeth Oberg.
Margie Oberg Walton & husband Jay came in from Texas. And cousin Brad Oberg, wife Lynn, and daughter Jena traveled from the Pittsburgh area. Ward Romer drove in from Ithaca, NY. And the long distance winners are cousin Susie Oberg Stenson & husband Bill who flew in from Mexico!
The reunion wrap-up brunch on Sunday was well attended and we made plans for the next Oberg reunion. We had previously decided to have them every two years, the next being in 2009. There may be some smaller East and West coast get-togethers on the even years. The 2009 reunion is being planned to coinside with the Jamestown Scandinavian Festival, so we can take advantage of their events and possibly have a lunch at one of their venues (all the korv you can eat, yum). The exact date is still being determined but it will probably be in late July.