(Sven) Erik Åberg
Born: 15 Dec 1850
Born Where: Getterum, Hjorted, Kalmar län, Sweden
Died: 21 May 1907
Died Where: Vimmerby, Sweden
Mother: Lovisa Nilsdotter Åberg
Marriage Date: 24 Jul 1874
Married Where: Vimmerby, Sweden
Children: Ernst Johan Ture Åberg, Axel Henrik Theodor Åberg, Erik Sifrid Martin Åberg, Axel Henrik Theodor Åberg, Henning Gustaf Verner Åberg, Karl Arvid Åberg, Karin Elisabet Åberg, Otto Augustinus Åberg, Berta Gunhild Lovisa Åberg
General info:
Sven Erik was born in Sweden, and did not emigrate to the US. His wife was Karolina Blomberg Johansdotter. They had a total of 9 children. Two sons were named Axel Henrik Theodor but both lived less than a year. We now have pictures of Sven Erik and Karolina, and their grand children thanks to our cousins in Sweden.
Sven Erik's occupation was listed as a Klensmed, which we believe was some sort of blacksmith. According to family sources he just went by the name Erik. We are still learning more about Sven Erik from his great grandchildren in Virserum and Östersund.
1890 Swedish Census: Storebro Bruk, Vimmerby
image: Sven-Erik Åberg
Sven Erik Åberg (Picture courtesy of Birgitta Åberg, Göran Ekelund, and Emil Ekelund)
Gravesite: Vimmerby, Sweden - Location:? Section ?; Grave: ?