Sven Henric Åberg
Born: 03 Jun 1812
Born Where: Forsaström, Gärdserum, Kalmar, Sweden
Died: 20 Jun 1880
Died Where: Uddetorp, Hjorted Parish, Kalmar, Sweden
Father: Sven Hindric Åberg
b:01 Feb 1779; m:04 Oct 1805; d:17 Feb 1824
Mother: Maja Stina Lomell
b:14 Nov 1780; m:04 Oct 1805; d:16 Dec 1852
Spouse: Lovisa Nilsdotter
b:31 Aug 1814; d:23 Nov 1875
Marriage Date: 30 Oct 1836
Married Where: Hjorted, Sweden
Children: Nils Henrik, Johan Petter, Maria Lovisa, Sven Erik, Karl Oskar
General info:
Sven Henric was born in Forsaström, Gärdserum, Sweden. Sven's mother (Maja Stina Lomell) and father (Sven Hindric) were third cousins. Sven became a tailor and did his apprenticeship under Johan Roos (birth name Jaen Andersson). According to the Swedish household records Sven moved to Kvarntorpet in the village of Nästeshult (see picture below and right) in 1826 and was listed along with Johan Roos, his wife Stina Månsdotter, and their son, Johan Magnus.
He was only 14 years old, and that is perhaps why he was listed with the Roos family members. Interesting observation - in the household records there were 3 items that were tested: Reading, Knowledge of the Catechism, and Knowledge of some treatise that tells the meaning of the Catechism. There was sometimes a 4th category: General Knowledge of it all -- where they were tested with questions to answer in their own words. We were pleased to find that Sven Henric tested "A" in all of the three categories on those records -- a very good showing for a fourteen-year-old. He may have just finished school and confirmation. It was not common to find all A's !
He is also in the 1831-35 Roos Record, but this time he is listed below family members. It is noted on both records that he is ofärdig i ena läret, crippled in one hip. Sven Henric's name is crossed off the later record as it appears that he left about 1834 at age 22. He then married Lovisa Nilsdotter on October 30, 1836. It's interesting to note that Lovisa's father, Nils Jaensson, was also a tailor and had trained with Johan Roos at Kulla. (Apprenticeship and household record information courtesy of Marilyn Anderson Hunwick, a descendent of Johan Roos.)
Sven and Lovisa took up residence in Getgölen, which is the name of the house. The house was situated between 'Big Goat Lake' (N-NW) and 'Little Goat Lake' (S-SE). His son Nils lived nearby in a house called Nain.
Sven's later years were spent in Uddetorp (also in Hjorted Parish) until his death in 1880. Uddetorp was a croft or cottage on Getterum farm No. 2. It's been demolished, but the "hembygdsförening" has marked the exact location with a sign.
We know that he lived to the age of 68, and he apparently never left Sweden. We were trying to locate his burial location, but were informed that in Sweden grave sites can be reclaimed after 50 years if not maintained. We are still searching for more information about him.
Follow this link to see the Church in Hjorted.
Here's an aerial view of Hjorted.
image: Map showing the Church, Uddetorp, Getgölen and Nain
Map showing the Church, Uddetorp, Getgölen and Nain.
(Image courtesy of Jöran Johansson)
The beginning of the Oberg/Åberg surname in our family:
Sune Nilsson Åberg
- Sune Nilsson Åberg was foreman (rättare in Swedish) at Falsterbo bruk.
- Sune's father, Nils Larsson (1710-1774), was farmer in Lidhult, Lönneberga.
- Sune's mother was Annika Sunesdotter (1719-1768). Annika's family has been traced back to Ingeborg Persdotter (1550-1619), our earliest known ancestor.
b: 19 Oct 1745 Lidhult, Lönneberga; m: 10 Mar 1778 Hjorted
d: 23 May 1784 Falsterbo bruk, Hjorted
  • spouse: Anna Lisa Lomell Hindriksdotter
    b: 26 Sep 1753 Bruket, Hallingeberg; d: 17 Feb 1837 Falsterbo, Hjorted
    1. Sven Hindric Åberg (see above)
      b: 01 Feb 1779 Falsterbo bruk, Hjorted
      d: 17 Feb 1824 Falsterbo bruk, Hjorted
    2. Anna Greta Åberg
      b: 11 Jun 1781 Falsterbo bruk, Hjorted
      d: 01 May 1826 Överum, Lofta
    3. Petter Ulrik Åberg
      b: 14 Sep 1783 Falsterbo bruk, Hjorted
      d: ?
Kvarntorpet - Roos home about 1907
Kvarntorpet - Roos home about 1907 - where Sven Henric did his apprenticeship 1826-1834 (Image courtesy of Marilyn Anderson Hunwick)
Gravesite: Location: Cemetery next to the Church in Hjorted?; Lot: unknown; Grave: unknown