Forsaström Village
Forsaström (birthplace of Sven Henric Åberg) is a very small village, at the NW end of Lake Båtsjön (the Boat Lake). The village is located along a stream (ström in Swedish) which flows between Lake Getryggen and Lake Båtsjön, which are about one kilometer apart. The stream falls 32 meters mainly in two waterfalls or cascades. Today there are only about 15 inhabited houses in Forsaström, so this is a very small community. It is about an hour drive north of Hjorted.
A man called Gustaf Adolf Fors (the word fors means rapids) started an iron works there in 1725 with a furnace, two forges and a tilt-hammer. He called the works Forsaström, or in other words, Fors' stream. (The letter 'a' is put in the Swedish spelling as a possessive instead of the normal 's' which would be hard to pronounce). Later a flour mill and a saw mill were built, as well as a brick works. He even built a foundry where they produced mine pumps, iron stoves, iron ranges, flat-irons, sauce-pans etc. But towards the end of the 1800's the iron manufacturing came to an end and just the saw mill, the flour mill and the brick works were left.
image: Getaström in Forsaström
The iron works smithy at the upper waterfall in 1902 (Image from a book courtesy of Jöran Johansson)
Today there is still a very small saw mill (used a few days a year - see below), a flour mill and a hydroelectric power station built over a hundred years ago (still generating electric power to this day - see below). The brick works stopped in the 1960's and was the last real industry there. The old iron works with smithies and forges has been totally dismantled, and there are no traces left at all.
image: The Saw Mill in Forsaström
The Saw Mill, formerly a brick works drying shed. (1-5-2007) (Picture courtesy of Jöran Johansson)
image: The Hydroelectric power station in Forsaström
The Hydroelectric power station in Forsaström (1-5-2007) (Picture courtesy of Jöran Johansson)
The "bruksherrgård" was the estate building where the iron works master lived (see below right). The stream that once supplied the plant with water power is now just a little creek, as almost all the water is taken by a wide wooden tube to the power station.
image: The Forsaström Bruksherrgård
The Forsaström Bruksherrgård is on the right. The other house is an ordinary dwelling in the village.
(1-5-2007) (Picture courtesy of Jöran Johansson)
The flour mill has been restored by the "hembygdsförening" (an association to keep the local history, culture and traditions alive) and on a few occasions in summer it will be running. You can go there, look at the old waterwheel driving all the machinery and buy the flour produced. It's quite an idyllic little village, especially in summer. It's nice to walk along the stream and imagine what lively activity there once was in Forsaström. We can also imagine Sven Henric as a young boy perhaps skipping stones and fishing in that stream!
Note: Village descriptions courtesy of Jöran Johansson.