The Church in Hjorted Sweden
image: The Church in Hjorted Sweden
Nels and Selma Åberg were married in this church on November 22, 1860. (Picture courtesy of Jöran Johansson)
In the late 1700's there was a "demolition wave" and a lot of the medieval churches were pulled down, including the one in Hjorted. The replacement church shown above was built from 1775-1778 and inaugurated in 1780. The architectural style is not very remarkable, and it's one of many churches built in the same configuration. This is where Nels and Selma Åberg were married, but it's also where Sven Henric and Lovisa Nilsdotter Åberg, and family (Nels Henrik, Johan Petter, Maria Lovisa, Sven Erik, Karl Oskar) attended church. See the church interior. A view of the church from the south (about 1910). Another view of the church from the west (about 1926).
According to Jöran Johansson (our friend in Sweden who sent the picture), the exterior has changed very little. It was painted pale yellow from the beginning, but at some point it was repainted white and that was the color he remembers from his childhood in Hjorted (1940-1955). Some years later it was again painted in the pale yellow color. The roof was originally covered with tarred chips of oak, but now has a black roofing-plate. The church is in a lovely setting with the church yard sloping into Lake Hjorten ("The deer"). Here's an aerial view of Hjorted.