Oberg Family Reunion 2009
We had a great time!
Image: Group picture from the Sunday Morning Brunch
Standing (L-R): Margie Walton, Ruth Oberg, Jena Oberg, Dean Oberg, Bill Litz, Amy Niswanger, Brad Oberg, Heather Oberg, Erik Oberg, Michelle Crandall,
Leo Figini, John L. Oberg, Susie Stenson, Bill Stenson
Seated (L-R): Georgia Litz, Lynn Oberg, John Oberg, Lucy Oberg, Ryan Oberg, Kathy Figini, Joyce Saxton
The Oberg Family Reunion was held on Saturday & Sunday, July 18-19, 2009. We got together at Bemus Point and Jamestown, New York. Overall we had about 25 family members attend. Included were:
  • Two great grandchildren of John Peter Oberg (granddaughters of Nellie Oberg Jones), Georgia (Bill) Litz from Florida and Amy Niswanger from Colorado
  • A great grandchild of Carl Oscar Oberg (grandaughter of Signe Oberg Nelson), Rebecca Rowehl (Jim) from Long Island, NY
  • Two grandchildren and one great grandchild of Charles Oberg: Margie Walton from Houston, TX; and Brad (Lynn) and Jena Oberg from Cranberry Township, PA
  • Several grand children and great grand children of Peter Henry Oberg (Figinis from Buffalo, NY; Stensons from Mazatlan, Mexico; and Obergs from Snyder, NY; Cheektowaga, NY; Jamestown, NY; Falconer, NY; Randolf, NY and Bemus Point, NY)
Everyone had a great time at the Saturday and Sunday events (see the Breakfast, the Festival, Dinner and Brunch links above for pictures). We again felt a really strong family bond, even though some of us were meeting face to face for the first time. It has been great to get together with the larger Oberg/Åberg family group, including all descendents of Sven Henric Åberg. We always have fun visiting with cousins from all over the US and meeting recently discovered cousins in person. We appreciated the effort by many of the out-of-town family to attend.
2011 Reunion
We are already really looking forward to 2011 when we may be visited by several cousins from Sweden! We are planning some very special things for 2011, don't miss it! Mark off July 15-17, 2011 on your calendar right now, and tell bosses, friends and family that you'll be in Jamestown, NY that weekend.
New Family Project Started
Through the generosity of Margie Oberg Walton we have started a new fund to place bronze markers on the unmarked graves of family members. Many of them went unmarked because they were the last in their particular branch or hard times prevented the expense. We will chose a candidate each year (subject to funds availability), starting with the oldest ancestors first, and then rotate through the family branches, starting with the oldest sibling's branch of Sven Henrik Åberg's family. We are working on a list of known unmarked family graves. Please contact Dean Oberg if you would like to contribute to this effort or know of an unmarked family grave.